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To the librarians of Biblioteca Nacional de Aeronáutica, beggining by their ex-principal:

Mrs. María Julia Fernández
Mrs. Angélica Llorca
Mrs. Elaiza Rizzo

Thanks to their patience for more than 15 years to now.

To my friends of Página/12 (, and most to:

Marcelo (Editing)

Thanks to his material help and advice in the editing of the original page.

To "Joe" Di Iorio by his advice in the editing of the English version of this page.



Las Alas de Perón (Ricardo Burzaco)
Nurflügels (Reimar Horten - Peter Selinger)
Aeroespacio Magazine
Vuelo Silencioso Magazine 

All available for consulting in Biblioteca Nacional de Aeronáutica, Paraguay 752, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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