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Ho Ib

The Ho Ib was designed on the request of the president of Gonzales Chaves' Glider Club for a simple, single seat glider, and as a re - edition of the original Ho I, but with elevons. 

The works begun in 1950 and was ended four years later. The greatest difficult to overcome was the lack of raw material to build it. 

Once the glider was finished, it was towed first by car and later by plane. The tests were 100% satisfactory, with excellent armony of controls, no tendency to stall or spin, and with precise control of glide angle with both spoilers. 

After some minor changes the Ho Ib was ready for the club's members use, who enjoyed the flying machine for more than 25 years without a single accident! 

Its performance were similar, if not better, than those of the well known Grunau "Baby". 

Wingspan 12.40 m.
Wing area 21.00 m2
Empty weight 120 kg.
Maximum weight 210 kg.
Payload 90 kg.
Maximum gliding speed 228 km/h
Landing speed 45 km/h
Best glide ratio 1:21 at 72 km/h and 10 kg/m2 loading

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