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I Ae 34 M 

This single seat glider derived from the I Ae 34 was completed in 1952 shortly before the World Soaring Championship to be disputed in Spain. Two units were built upon request of Brigadier César Ojeda (Aeronautics Minister) to represent our country in that contest. 

Both machines were finished over shipping to Europe and its two pilots could not do much testing or training. It was a single seat glider,besides it differed from his anteccesor in two main details: the skid - landing gear was replaced by tandem wheels (the front one retractable) and the flaps were discarded. Fortune did not smiled to the Argentina team. During a practice flying before the contest the first unit was destroyed in the landing and something similar occurred to the other unit with serious damages in the fourth day of contest, and it was unable to continue. 

Wingspan 18.00 m.
Fuselage length 03.50 m.
Height 01.60 m.
Wing Area 19.00 m2
Empty weight 270 kg.
Maximum weight 350 kg.
Payload 80 kg.
Maximum glide speed 250 km/h
Landing speed 60 km/h
Best glide ratio 1:30 at 83 km/h and 18.5 kg/m2 loading

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