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Before all

FMA - Instituto AerotecnicoThe years that run since 1946 to 1961 without doubt mark the golden age of the argentine aeronautical industry , and one that will not go to be repeated. Without any intention of raising polemics, or make a historical - political analysis that escapes the reach of this page; we base this idea upon these three names: Fábrica Militar de Aviones-Instituto Aerotécnico, Kurt Tank and Reimar Horten.

The first is gone, at least with his original name and spirit; and referring the last two, both late, it is unavoidable to associate them with the history of aeronautical industry (we believe) in a unique way:

I Ae-33 Pulqui IITank, formidable organizator of projects of verified efficiency.

I Ae 34 Clen AntuHorten, restless investigator of the "flying wing" formula and creator - builder of advanced projects that still today show his characteristically mark.

So, with the limited data we have at hand, we want to show, as a modest allegiance, the work of Reimar Horten the years he was among us.

History is impious and gives no second chances to nations that make mistakes; and what is worse: forget them.

Gustavo D. Vranjes

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