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From the beginning?

In order to classify the work of Dr. Horten in the Instituto Aerotécnico it is better to consider the dates of beginning of projects, rather than follow the serial numbers of the planes: 

I Ae 34 
I Ae 34 "Clen Antú", tandem two - seat glider (1949) 
 Last updated: 07-09-97

I Ae 34 M 
I Ae 34 M, single - seat glider (1952)
Last updated: 07-01-97
I Ae 38 
I Ae 38, four - engined freighter (1950) 
 Last updated: 07-07-97 


I Ae 41 
I Ae 41 "Urubú", side by side two - seat glider (1951)
Last updated: 07-08-97
I Ae 37 p  
I Ae 37, twin engined supersonic intercerceptor (1953) 
 Last updated: 07-15-97
I Ae 48 
I Ae 48, two - seat, twin engined, Mach 2+ supersonic intercerceptor (1958)
Last updated: 07-15-97 
At the same time he developed his work in the Instituto Aerotécnico, he always promoted the development of free flight among clubs and enthusiasts groups: 

Ho X
Ho X "L' Alita" (1949) 
Last updated: 02-28-98 
Ho Ib
Ho Ib (1950)
Last updated: 07-19-97 
Ho XVI "Colibrí" (1950) 
Last updated: 07-20-97 

INAV 1 (1953)
 Last updated: 09-28-97
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